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FFS Film(Flat film/Tube)

In the FFS process, the packing machine actually makes the plastic sack from the film during filling. FFS film is supplied in rolls, either as tube or single flat sheet and may be printed with up to 8 colours in a flexographic CI process. FFS film is typically used for following products:

  • peat and soil (Horticulture)
  • fertilizers
  • plastic granules

FFS-films are made for different purposes and for different packing conditions - whatever you require. Peat and soil films are made from multilayer plastic film by co-extrusion. This process gives the film the desired properties. The black inner layer of film prevents light from entering the sack. A low-friction film can be used for the inner layer to facilitate filling, and a high-friction film for outer layer to ensure that the sacks stack properly.