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Pallet covers

Pallet coversThe range of products includes:

  • shrink film (tubing and flat sheet)
  • non fusion shrink film R-Nostipac (pallet covers, gusseted tubing, flat sheets)
  • stretch hood films
  • pallet hoods

Sticking or thermo fusion is a well known problem when traditional LDPE shrink films are used for bundle packing of individually wrapped goods and palletized goods.

RKW's R-Nostipac is a unique solution to this problem. R-Nostipack shrink film works on the wrapping machine as any traditional LDPE film, it shrinks very well and it is easy to seal, but it is impossible to get it to stick or fuse to the underlying LDPE package. The shrinking process is not sensitive to exact temperature settings on the machine which makes the machineability comfortable.

The technical properties of the film, thickness, colour and printing vary depending on the demand of the customer.