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Sacks with handles

RKW has developed a range of sacks with a handle for customers whose products are sold in retail shops. The range includes both open-mouth and valve sacks. The handles are made from the sack material itself.

Sacks with handlesOne application of RKW's sacks with a handle is HANDISAC® - an easy-to-carry plastic sack with a capacity normally ranging from 10 to 40 litres.
HANDISAC® is used for products such as wet mortar and ammonite.

RKW HANDISAC® offers the following outstanding advantages:

  • easy to lift and carry
  • easy to fill, just like a valve sack
  • easy to stack securely during transportation thanks to its "brick-like" shape
  • stands erect when placed in an upright position
  • can be printed in 6 colours
  • attractive and distinctive retail package