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Timber wrap

In the development of the RKW timber wrap special attention has been paid to the demanding circumstances the timber is exposed to during storage, loading and transportation. 

The friction of the covers is of great importance for the safety of the stevedores when loading sawn timber packs. In order to improve safety RKW has developed a friction surface for the timber wrap that has been approved by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

The high friction surface developed by RKW has proved to be excellent when piling timber wrap packs in the ports, warehouses and during the transport. The high quality friction surface prevents the moving of the packs and the piles hold fast. This is very important specially in the winter conditions when snow and ice make the packs slippery and moving on them is dangerous. The high friction adds the safety of the stevedores.

Below please find a short description of the RKW timber wraps:
FILM: UV-stabilized black/white coex-film (white colour can be replaced with another colour)
WIDTH: Normally between 1000 - 3200 mm
PRINTING: 4 colours on one side

Timber wrap